HV Racing 50.4

High Voltage Racing, HVR, HV Racing, electric kids children motocross offroad racing motorcycle

The HVR 50.4 is the electric motocross bike for kids. Biggest advantage of the bike is the electric drivetrain and the battery. Peak power of the drivetrain is 8000 watt (approx. 11 hp), the top speed is up to 70 kph, these peak values are stepless adjustable via smartphone app and due to that perfectly adjustable to the driving skills of the young rider and the track conditions. Also the engine brake (regeneration into the battery) and the throttle response is adjustable. It´s possible to set the top speed to a minimum of 6 kph and the throttle response and power to a perfect smooth level for real beginners, in only a few seconds.


The Lithium Ion battery of the HVR 50.4 is specially developed for this high performance motorcycle, it is made out of 84 cells in 18650 format, using the latest cell chemistry. Nominal voltage is 50.4 volt, due to the capacity of 18 Ah the battery has 907 Wh, thats by far the biggest capacity in this class. A riding range of up to 2 hours is possible. The battery cells are protected by a intelligent battery management system (BMS) which is also specially designed for this purpose. The BMS is monitoring permanent all battery parameters (voltage, current, temperature, state of charge etc.), the included power electronics and cell balancing ensures best performance and durability. The fix installed battery housing is a hybrid construction of plastic with integrated aluminium cooling side covers. The thermal conductivity of the side covers is very high to keep the battery cells in their perfect thermal window also during hardest riding .


High Voltage Racing, HVR, HV Racing, electric kids children motocross offroad racing motorcycle

With the standard 230 V charger the battery is fully charged in 3 hours. Charging is starting automatically by connecting the charging plug to the motorcycle and stops after finish. Actual state of charge is shown on the motorcycle and also on the smartphone app. For safety reasons driving during charging is prevented by the vehicle electronic system.


The optional fast charger is able to charge up the battery in nearly 1 hour.


The HVR 50.4 traction motor is a brushless electric motor with an innovative fluid cooling. The force is directly transfered without a clutch or gearbox by a chain to the rearwheel, according to the actual throttle position the motor power is controlled very sensitive by the ECU.


High Voltage Racing, HVR, HV Racing, electric kids children motocross offroad racing motorcycle

The frame is a welded steel tube construction equipped with a robust upsidedown frontfork and a hydraulic shock. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes guarantee best braking performance. Conform to the usual wheel dimensions in the 50 cc class the wheel size is 12“ on the front and 10“ on the rear wheel. The rear brake is operated by a foot lever. On the handlebar you will find the front brake, the throttle grip and the lanyard kill switch. Ride ready weight is 41 kg.



The free HVR Android app is connected to the bike via the HVR bluetooth modul. The password protection ensures that only the owner has access to the bike. The stepless adjusting of speed, power, regenerative braking and throttle response is assisted by 3 preadjusted mappings. These mappings could be adjusted in any order and could be saved as an own mapping. The monitor function shows important data like state of charge, battery voltage, battery current, temperatures of battery, electric motor and ECU. For safety reasons it´s only in standstill possible to adjust the parameters on the bike and a restart is needed to activate the new mapping.


- for kids from 4-10

- seat height 660 mm

- power > 8 kW (ca. 11 hp)

- speed max. 70 km/h

- power and speed adjustable via smartphone app

- up to 2 hours of riding

- charging time 1 hour fast charger (optional)

- charging time 3 hours standard charge

- the latest battery technologies (BMS and cells)


-2980€ inkl. Mwst.