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Which motorcycle is the right size for my child?


 With the following brief overview, we would like to provide assistance in choosing the right motorcycle.


These are only very rough reference values, in addition, of course, the step length and the skill of the kids are also important. If, for example, the bicycle or the smaller motorcycle is very well controlled, it is certainly possible to ride with a size smaller than specified. Of course, the upper size specification does not represent an absolute limit, but only indicates the area in which experience has shown that the motorcycle fits well.

The HVR 50.4 Pro has a longer aluminum swing arm as well as a fully adjustable chassis and is therefore aimed at the ambitious racer. Ergonomically, however, it is identical to the normal 50.4, which is why both motorcycles are suitable for the same body size.

Of course, you can also try out the bikes at one of our dealers or with us.

HVR 50.4 MINI HVR 50.4 / HVR 50.4 PRO HVR 50.4 / HVR 50.4 PRO with lift kit HVR 60.4
approx 105-120cm approx 115-130cm approx 125-140cm  approx 135-160cm

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