How long is the riding time with the HVR 50/60/65PRO?

The riding time depends very much on the riding skills of the child. Beginners on the 50 models drive well over 2 hours, fast children who compete in races can drive about 45 minutes. With the 60, the riding time is reduced somewhat due to the higher driver and vehicle weight. The 65 PRO has a significantly larger battery of 1.7kWh to 1.1kWh (in the 50s and 60s models) and the riding time is correspondingly longer.

How long is the battery life?

After 1000 charging cycles, the battery still has a capacity of at least 70%, which means that the motorcycle can then continue to be driven with a maximum of 30% less driving time. With an average driving time of 60 minutes per battery charge, this corresponds to approx. 1000 hours.

What kind of battery is that?

The battery is made up of 98 18650 lithium ion cells (154 with the 65PRO) and has a specially developed battery management system, which optimally protects the battery at all times. The HVR batteries not only set the standard in their respective class in terms of range, but can also be changed on the route. The 50/60 battery has a nominal voltage of 51.8 volts and a capacity of 21 Ah, resulting in an energy content of approx. 1.1 kWh. The 65PRO battery has a nominal voltage of 51.8 volts and a capacity of 33 Ah, resulting in an energy content of approx. 1.7 kWh.

Is there an exchangeable battery?

Yes, the new HVR motorcycles all have a replaceable battery that can be easily replaced on the track if necessary and can be charged with all HVR chargers both on and off the motorcycle.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

With the standard charger, charging takes approx. 3 hours for the 50s models and the 60s for the 65PRO, the charging time with the standard charger is approx. 3 hours. A quick charger is available as an option, which charges the battery of the 50s/60s in approx. 1 hour charges and the 65PRO's battery pack in about 1.5 hours (typical charge at the track 20-90%).

Does the battery always have to be fully charged and discharged?

No, partial charges are possible at any time as lithium-ion battery cells have no memory effect.

How high is the performance of the HVR bikes and is it controllable?

The performance of the HVR bikes can be infinitely adjusted via the app, meaning there is the right setting for every rider level. The peak electrical power of the 50 models, for example, is 8.5 kW. (It is common practice to indicate the peak electrical power for electric vehicles). Competitors also state the electrical output as peak power. The power measured at the rear wheel is of course lower, in the case of the 50s models this is 5.35 kW mechanical power measured at the rear wheel. But this is still the highest performance of all competitors in the class.

Why is the price so cheap in comparison?

It is important to us to keep the costs for getting into the sport as low as possible, which is why we use the most modern manufacturing processes such as e.g. B. 3D printing, which does not require high tool costs, in addition, as a comparatively small company, we have very lean structures, little administrative effort and low marketing costs.

What maintenance work is required?

Since the electric drive is designed to be maintenance-free, only the usual maintenance work on the chain drive, brakes, tires and chassis is required. As a result, the operating costs are only a fraction of those of a comparable motorcycle with a combustion engine.

Do I have a guarantee?

We grant a guarantee of one year or 1000 hours ( whichever comes first) on the electric drive including the battery.

Where can I buy the motorcycle?

The motorcycle can be ordered directly here in the online shop and is then fully assembled, delivered by a forwarding agency so that the HVR  can be put into operation immediately without any assembly work.


Or of course through one of our qualified dealers:

How do I get the HVR app?

The HVR Connect app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.There is currently no app for Apple IOS.

How is the performance compared to a combustion engine?

Peak power for the 50's and 60's is 8.5kW (11.5hp) which is comparable to a 50cc race bike, however the torque and power are available over a much wider rev range resulting in significantly better handling. With the app, the driving behavior can be perfectly adapted to the child.

The same applies to the 65Pro, which has a peak power of 13.5 kW which corresponds to approx. 18.5 hp and is therefore very comparable to the best 65 combustion engine powered motorcycles.

Can the motorcycle be used in the wet?

All electrical components are waterproof; a soft jet of water is recommended for cleaning. The external charger must, however, be protected from moisture.

What is the operating voltage of the motorcycle and is it dangerous?

The nominal voltage is 51,8 volts, the fully charged battery is below 60 volts protective low voltage and is therefore completely harmless, even for small children and pets. In addition, all components are protected against accidental contact.

Where can I find the manual?

Which motorcycle is the right size for my child?

With the following small overview, we would like to provide you with assistance in selecting the right motorcycle.

These are only very rough guide values, of course, it also depends on the step length and the dexterity of the child. If, for example, the bicycle or the smaller motorcycle is very well controlled, it is quite possible to ride with a smaller size than specified. Of course, the upper size specification does not represent an absolute limit, but only indicates the area in which experience has shown that the motorcycle fits well.

The HVR 50PRO has a longer aluminum swing arm and a fully adjustable chassis and is therefore aimed at the ambitious racer. Ergonomically, however, it is identical to the normal HVR 50, which is why the two motorcycles are suitable for the same body size, but children who are on the lower threshold of size find it more difficult to safely stop with the 50PRO.

Of course you can also test ride the bikes at one of our dealers or with us.

HVR 50MINI HVR 50 / HVR 50PRO HVR 50 / HVR 50PRO with lift kit HVR 60 / HVR 65PRO
approx 105-120cm approx 115-130cm approx 125-140cm  approx 135-160cm

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