Yamaha 65

The HVR 65PRO SM makes the tarmac unsafe in the 65 class with the (optional) harder chassis it is also suitable as a pit bike for adults.

The 65PRO SM rolls to the starting line with wider aluminium rims and 12-inch slicks from PMT in Italy.

Of course, the supermoto bikes also offer the same diverse adjustment options for the chassis and drive as their off-road sisters.

The quiet drive and the non-existent exhaust fumes open up completely new riding possibilities, whether indoors or in a private car park.

Thanks to the adjustability of the maximum power, the top speed, the engine brake (energy recovery) and the response behaviour, the HVR Supermotos are not only real race bikes, but can also be perfectly adapted for beginners.

Thanks to the large batteries, the bikes offer the longest riding time in their class; if necessary, the batteries can be changed at the track.

With an optional harder chassis available ex works, the 65PRO with its 13.5 kW (18.5 hp) is also perfect as a pit bike for adults to improve their bike skills on the kart track.

The supermotos come in a fresh yellow colour and can be distinguished from the off-road versions even from a distance.

As with all HVRs, the rotor of the engine runs directly in a special cooling oil, which means that the heat can be effectively transferred to the engine housing without the need for additional coolers, so that the full peak power of 13.5 kW (approx. 18.5 hp) can be called up at any time.

The exchangeable battery provides 1.7 kWh of energy. The 154 cells are monitored by the battery management system at all times during operation, ensuring that temperatures, voltages, currents, etc. are always within the optimal range.

Thanks to the specially developed connector system, which is not only extremely compact for the enormous power to be transmitted, but is also child's play to operate thanks to a sophisticated lever system, the battery can now be changed on the track in 2-3 minutes if necessary. It is secured in the frame with 4 screws so that it remains securely fastened under any load.

The high motor torque of 35 Nm is transmitted to the rear wheel by the strongest 420 chain on the market, the AFAM MX2G, which was actually developed for the 85 class and pushes 840 N onto the track at the wheel contact point.

To keep a perfect eye on the charge status at all times, the 65PRO SM has a 2.66-inch e-Ink display that is completely new in the motorbike sector, consumes virtually no energy and is perfectly legible even in bright sunshine.
Of course, like all HVR motorbikes, the 65PRO is fully adjustable in power, speed, engine brake and response via the HVR Connect app. This makes it suitable for both first riding attempts and for chasing best times.
The suspension also leaves nothing to be desired, at the front the 65PRO SM has a fully adjustable FastAce USD fork with 35mm stanchion diameter and a travel of 210mm, at the rear the new FastAce shock works, which is adjustable in rebound, compression (both high and low speed), spring preload and now also in length via the threaded shock eye. The fork is held in place by the weight-optimised CNC triple clamp.
Due to the position of the fork in the triple clamp and the new threaded shock eye, the seat height can be adjusted from approx. 760mm up to approx. 830mm.

At the front, the double-piston system engages a 220mm wave brake disc, at the rear a single-piston system with a 178mm disc provides deceleration. As standard, the rear brake is operated via the new, much more stable foot brake lever, but as an option, manual operation on the left-hand side of the handlebars can be ordered from the factory at no extra charge.

Kawasaki 65

for racers

With its full power of 18.5 hp and fully adjustable chassis, the HVR 65PRO SM is a true race bike. The 65PRO SM has been uncompromisingly developed for the 65 class, which is why "Faster Fast" now also applies in the 65 class.

App für MX

fully adjustable

With the HVR Connect app, the speed, response, performance and recuperation (engine braking with energy recovery) can be set individually. The HVR Connect app is available free of charge from the Google Playstore.

Motocross Schule

for beginners

In order to fit also for beginners, the speed can be limited to a minimum of 6 km/h with the app in a matter of seconds, and the performance and response behavior can also be optimally adjusted for the first driving attempts. For beginners without racing ambitions, the 60.4 can be a good alternative.



Just like the motor of the 50.4 and 60.4, the traction motor of the HVR 65PRO is a maintenance-free, brushless electric motor with innovative liquid cooling, but it is significantly larger and more powerful. The power is transmitted directly to the rear wheel via the chain drive without a gearbox or clutch.

Batterie Schnittmodell


The very large 1.7kWh lithium-ion battery, specially developed by HVR and optimally adapted to the needs of a high-performance motorcycle, consists of 154 cells in 18650 format, uses the latest cell chemistry and a perfectly matched battery management system. Thanks to the new connector system, the battery can be easily replaced at the track if necessary.


All inclusive

The charger and the Bluetooth module are of course included in the price, as is a folding stand. Your HVR 65PRO also comes fully assembled, so you don't need to assemble anything.

There is also a 1-year warranty on the drive (motor, battery, controller)

Batterie Schnittmodell


The fully adjustable suspension  resists everything. The USD fork with a innertube diameter of 35 mm can be adjusted in rebound and compression. In addition to the spring preload and the rebound stage, the shock absorber can also be adjusted in the compression stage at high and low speeds. Due to the position of the fork in the fork bridge and the new threaded damper eye on the damper, the seat height can be varied from approx. 780mm up to approx.  840mm.


everything in view

Thanks to e-ink technology, the new 2.66" graphic display not only consumes almost no electricity, but can also be read perfectly even in bright sunshine.


on click

The bike can be activated simply by pressing the switch on the new Leonelli unit. The magnetic tear-off switch ensures that it is switched off safely in the event of a fall. The bright LED indicates readiness to drive.

Kinder MX Motorrad für 9 10 11 12 13 Jahre


The electric asphalt race bike for the 65 class.
Shipping in Germany is included in the price (excluding islands).
The bike is delivered ready assembled and ready to ride by freight forwarder. Simply loosen the tension straps and start.

5.690,00 €

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Age approx. 8- 13 years
Seat height

approx. 785mm ( variable between approx. 780mm approx. 840mm)

Handlebar height

approx. 1000mm


max. 13,5kW (18,5HP)


max. approx. 80km/h

Wheels front/rear

12" /12" PMT Slicks

Suspension front

35mm Upside Down Gabel with 210mm travel, rebound and compression adjustable.

Suspension rear

Monoshock with 275mm stroke, spring preload and rebound adjustableso also compression in high und lowspeed adjustable.


approx. 62 kg

Brake front

Hydraulic two-piston system 220mm wavebdisc

Brake rear

Hydraulic foot brake single-piston system with 178mm wave disc (can be converted to hand control)


14S 11P Lithium Ionen battery, 51,8 Volt 33Ah 1710Wh (changeable)