about HVR

Dirtbike Trophys kids

We are coming out of the motocross and enduro sports, so we know what is important for an off-road motorcycle, that's why our motorcycles look and ride like motorcycles, only with all the advantages that the electric drivetrain offers, such as more even power delivery, adjustability , low maintenance, no hot parts and thanks to the low engine noise, the ability to drive almost anywhere.

We make the entry into motocross sport easier and less complicated.

With our motorcycles it is possible for more children to practice this sport. That is why we develop and produce affordable motorcycles that require very little maintenance.

The bikes have a perfectly adjustable drive that "grows" with the child's abilities and, in the highest setting, can easily keep up with the performance of a 50cc engine and is superior in terms of its better controllability.

In this class, we set the benchmark for the best drivability, highest performance, the latest drive and battery technology and the longest driving time.

HVR motorcycles make you FASTER Fast, because you have to sacrifice nothing in terms of performance compared to the ICE and the powerful drive can be adapted via app in seconds optimally to your needs. The range enables beginners to get started safely and real racers to collect trophies.


See you at the track!


The German magazin MCE was at our side and gives you a small impression of our production :)