Yamaha PW50

The HVR 50PRO SM, the electrically powered motorbike for children from about 5 - 10 years to make the tarmac unsafe.

The 50PRO SM rolls to the starting line with wider aluminium rims and 10-inch slicks from PMT in Italy.
Of course, the supermoto bikes also offer the same diverse adjustment options for the chassis and drive as their off-road sisters.
The quiet drive and the non-existent exhaust fumes open up completely new riding possibilities, whether indoors or in a private car park.
Thanks to the adjustability of the maximum power, the top speed, the engine brake (energy recovery) and the response behaviour, the HVR Supermotos are not only real race bikes, but can also be perfectly adapted for beginners.
The bikes offer the longest riding time in their class, thanks to the large batteries, and if necessary the batteries can be changed at the track.

The HVR 50PRO SM stands out from the standard 50 mainly due to its longer CNC-machined aluminium swingarm and fully adjustable chassis. With its approx. 705 mm seat height, the 50PRO is the motorbike for the thoroughbred racer. The seat height can be raised by a further 25 mm to approx. 730 mm with the optional raising kit, which means that even racers who are no longer quite so small can get on well with the HVR 50PRO SM. (The FastAce USD fork with its 35 mm stanchion diameter is not only extremely stable but can also be varied over a wide range in rebound and compression damping. The FastAce shock absorber can also be adjusted in rebound and compression as well as spring preload. In addition, the linkage point of the shock absorber can be mounted on the swingarm in 2 positions, which allows the behaviour of the rear suspension to be further individualised. The suspension and swingarm of the PRO SM can be retrofitted to the standard version of the HVR 50. In addition, the 50PRO is equipped with Stahlflex brake lines and features a reinforced gold AFAM R1G chain as standard.

This means that the HVR 50PRO SM can not only grow with the kids in terms of performance, but can also be adapted to their body size.

electric pw 50

For Beginners

to adapt to real beginners, the app can be used to limit the speed to a minimum of 6 km / h in a matter of seconds, and the performance and responsiveness can also be optimally set for the first rides.

perfect adjustable

Fully Adjustable

With the HVR Connect app, the speed, responsiveness, performance and recuperation (engine brake with energy recovery) can be set individually. The HVR Connect app is available free of charge in the Google Playstore.

race it

For real Racers

In less than a minute, the HVR 50 can be converted from a tame beginner's bike into a full-racing bike. With fully unleashed power, the HVR does not have to be afraid of any bike in its class, whether powered by gasoline or electricity.

Krafvoller Motor


The traction motor of the HVR 50 and HVR 60 is a maintenance-free, brushless electric motor with innovative liquid cooling. The power is transmitted directly via the chain drive without a gearbox or clutch.

Kinder elektroenduro


The specially developed lithium-ion battery, optimally adapted to the needs of a high-performance motorcycle, consists of 98 cells in 18650 format, uses the latest cell chemistry and thus enables riding times of up to 3 hours. It can also be changed at the track if necessary.


Kinder elektromotorrad

All inclusive

The charger and the Bluetooth module are of course included in the price. Your HVR 50.4 comes to you fully assembled, you do not need to assemble anything.
There is also a 1-year warranty on the drive (motor, battery, controller)

Torrot E12


The HVR 50PRO the supermoto for kids that leaves nothing to be desired.

Shipping in Germany is included in the price (excluding islands).
The bike is delivered ready assembled and ready to ride by freight forwarder. Simply loosen the tension straps and start.

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Age up to aprox 10 Jahre
Seat height

aprox. 705mm

Handlebar height

aprox. 880mm


max. 8,5kW (11,5 HP)


max. 70km/h

Wheels front/rear

10" /10" PMT Slicks

suspension front

35mm  full adjustable Upside Down Fork with 180mm stroke

Suspension rear

CNC Swingarm, with Monoshock (spring preload and damping in both ways adjustable) with 230mm stroke


aprox. 45 kg

Brake front

Hydraulic two-piston system with 195mm wave disc

Break rear

Hydraulic foot brake single-piston system with 178mm wave disc (can be converted to hand control)


swappable 14S 7P lithium ion battery, 51.8 volts 21Ah 1088Wh

GasGas E12